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Description ABUJA [url=]Cheap Canucks Hats[/url] , March 10 (Xinhua) -- Suspected Boko Haram fighters on Tuesday attacked a village in Nigeria's northern Borno State, witnesses told Xinhua. The militants shooting sporadically and throwing residents into panic, a witness told Xinhua. Countless number of gunshots were heard in Ngamdu Village of Borno State, heralding the violent attack by Boko Haram which has proved to be a hard nut to crack in Nigeria [url=]Cheap Canucks T-Shirts[/url] , Africa's most populous country, said Ali Ibrahim, a witness. The attack was still ongoing as of 4 p.m. local time, he said [url=]Cheap Canucks Hoodies[/url] , noting helpless residents were running into bushes to seek refuge. Mohammed Shehu, another witness, said travelers plying the route were also victims of the attack. Ngamdu Village suffered the similar fate last week when suspected members of Boko Haram wreaked havoc, killing at least six people an armed attack that lasted several hours. Several trucks and cars were burned during last week's attack by the terror group. No immediate figure of casualties has been obtained as officials were yet to comment on Tuesday's attack. Graphic design is being the promotional key in every spare of business and individual life. Business organizations seek graphic tools to have publicity by dint of bill board [url=]Custom Canucks Jerseys[/url] , catalogs, magazines, web pages, store directories [url=]Cheap Canucks Jerseys[/url] , banners, flyers, posters, ads [url=]Sam Gagner Canucks Jersey[/url] , galleries logo and a lot. Individuals hunt such service for meet different specious motive; for example one can easily get bulk photographs printed using graphic design using Photoshop in a very cost effective manner instead of going to a studio with negative film. Different plug-ins, filters, gradients and other options in graphic design makes any object alive and beautiful. Clipping path, Color MaskMultiple Clipping Path and masking are the most common and popular techniques used by the graphic professionals. Pen tool [url=]Markus Granlund Canucks Jersey[/url] , Magic wand tool, Lasso tool re used initially to erase a part from the image background to compromise those tasks. Experts generally use the Pen tool to expertise themselves with more accuracy and credibility to the customers to place an image in a new background. What is clipping path? Simply clip means to cut off any particle from an item. Path cuts out an image. Clipping path simply means erasing selected outlined points from the background. As for example a tailor cuts- off outlined part of a cloth with a scissor. The object becomes moveable to any other inspired background while clipped. Procedure: After running adobe Photoshop, you will open an image from the File menu. Then you will click on the pen tool in the tool box and see the nib icon on the top toolbar below the menu. Then you will increase the zoom by pressing ctrl add +. Then it will be easy to clip. Pressing Alt you will break the curve in an image. After completion of the path you will make selection. Than copying the selected image you will paste it your inspired background. Benefits of Pen tool in Clipping Path Pen tool will help to give a wonderful background in lieu of damaged, old and scratched one in an image to promote your further intentions. It will provide superior [url=]Sven Baertschi Canucks Jersey[/url] , perfect and alive image as well as quality service of yours. The manual pen tool will ensure the selection of the area without changing or modifying a single pixel in an image. After clipping path by it you will get a bitmap image within a vector path which will be saved as EPS format. EPS format is a file that contains both the vector and bitmap data in the same image. So, this image can be used not only in Photoshop directly but also in Quark Press, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator [url=]Alex Burmistrov Canucks Jersey[/url] , Macromedia FreeHand and CorelDraw as a vector object for farther design. It is user friendly for the PDF also. Image Masking: Masking is created to make an adjustment and attachment of a new layer with the background layer to hide the unwanted pixel with the black and white color exhibition in it. Procedure of masking in adobe Photoshop: After copying a parted object from a picture by a lasso tool or pen tool you will paste it in the back ground layer in the Photoshop. Than selecting the image on the layer palate, you will click on the add layer mask in the layer palate. Than you will click on the gradient tool in the tool bar and constantly will see whether the gradient is black and white color in the option bar. 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