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Created 2018-05-09
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Strengthen the construction waste crusher maintenance , to prevent false and ignore maintenance. Because, improper maintenance is the main cause of equipment failure , maintenance work must be enforced. Maintenance managers should make effective maintenance plan based on mechanical maintenance instructions, and technical problems with the machine driving-related staff communication.

The quality of maintenance work should be carried out at any time and under any circumstances . Meanwhile, in order to strengthen the sense of responsibility should be established to mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative , and effectively perform maintenance work and to ensure the effective operation of incentive mechanisms .

Routine inspection work should be strengthened inspection results must be recorded in detail , including not only the previous maintenance records , parts replacement record, but also a day of work conditions and workload records to easily analyze and determine mechanical failure , timely and accurate manner to eliminate hidden dangers .

Maintenance managers should keep abreast of the disease , to understand the whole situation, and then make a reasonable , detailed mechanical maintenance plan , and make instruction and supervision of maintenance and procurement activities to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs.

Strengthen management, establish and improve the maintenance of rules and regulations, and stressed the importance of management ; complete statistics system and the major and minor fault records ; personnel should reward and punishment rules are clear respective responsibilities ; oversee the purchase and processing of accessories should be strengthened to ensure the quality and quantity of parts.

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