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Created 2018-04-13
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Title Raymond Mill's Structure and Process System Introduction
About me The equipment is called a roller mill when the material is pressed between two rolled rolling surfaces or between a rolling grinding body (ball, roller) and a track (plane, ball, plate) under pressure. Also known as a centrifugal mill. There are many types of roller mills, such as disc mill, ring mill, roller mill, raymond mill, pendulum mill, etc. This article mainly introduces the structure and process system of Raymond Mill. Raymond Mill, also known as suspended roller mill, has the advantages of stable performance, convenient operation, low energy consumption, and fine product fineness. Therefore, it is widely used in fine grinding of coal, quartz, talc, graphite, heavy calcium and chemical raw materials. Raymond Mill's structure is shown in Figure 1. The roller is installed on the plum blossom frame by the shaft. The plum blossom frame is driven by the transmission device to rotate. The grinding ring is fixed and the material is fed from the side of the machine body through the feeder to the machine, and is grinded between the roller and the grinding ring. Crushing action, the airflow is blown in a tangential direction from the lower part of the grinding ring, passes through the grinding zone between the roller and the disk, and enters the upper wind power classifier together with the dust. There are 3~5 rollers hung on the plum blossom frame, orbiting around the central axis of the body. Due to the centrifugal force generated by the revolution, the roller presses against the grinding ring and rolls on it. The material fed into the mill is shoveled by a blade and lifted between the roller and the grinding ring. Raymond Mill's process system is shown in Figure 2 below. After the material is coarsely crushed by a jaw crusher, it is fed into the bucket elevator and then falls into the feeding hopper, and is fed into the lower part of the Raymond Mill ring in a tangential direction through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder and lifts the ground material. After being graded by a classifier (or classifier) ​​set in the mill, the coarse particles fall down and are ground again, and the fine particles are collected by a cyclone collector to become a product. For this system can be sent into the hot air, Raymond Mill can be used as a combination of grinding and drying, feed moisture up to 10% to 12%, while the product's moisture is close to zero.
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