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Created 2018-04-12
Owner xuanxuan251
Title Mobile crusher has the advantages of flexible, intelligent and environmentally friendly application
Description Mobile crusher is not difficult to understand literally, that is, it is a mobile, highly flexible ore crusher, also called mobile crushing station, construction waste crusher is currently used to crush various types of mining stones, construction waste, Slag, etc., after crushing, the seemingly useless material has become a sand aggregate required for economic development. The mobile crusher integrates flexible, intelligent and environmental protection. It is a large-scale stone crusher necessary for crushing processing in various fields. The mobile rock crusher can process 85-650 tons of material per hour. The details of the model, specification, and equipment configuration need to be combined with the user's requirements for material fineness, raw material granularity, and time production, etc. Since the mobile rock crusher has various combinations Therefore, it can be divided into many types. It can be divided into the tire type and the crawler type by the driving method. The core crushing equipment can be divided into cone type, concrete type, cone type, and the like, and can be divided into coarse, medium, and coarse depending on the finished product fineness. Finely broken. The mobile crusher can run on the road like an ordinary car. It can also drive on rugged mountain roads like an off-road vehicle. It can adapt to a relatively harsh working environment. Therefore, in the event that many mineral materials are not easily transported and materials are dispersed, it will A mobile crusher is used to break the stone. Application advantages of mobile stone crusher 1. Flexible Flexibility can be analyzed from the aspects of the drive method, combination method, and configuration method of the mobile stone crusher. The mobile crusher is equipped with wear-resisting tires and wear-resistant crawler drives of composite materials. The driving speed is high and does not cause damage to the ground. The structure is compact and free from the influence of surrounding objects. There are various combinations of mobile lithotripters because of different equipment and equipment types. For example, a tire-type jaw crusher forms a rake-type coarse crusher tire crusher. 2. Intelligence Intelligentization is the development direction of the mechanical equipment. The mobile rock-crusher saves manpower and material resources. It is equipped with an advanced PLC control system and an automated feeding device. The entire vehicle startup, process adjustment, and parking operations can be controlled by remote computers. The complete machine is also equipped with an advanced alarm system and hydraulic lifting system, which greatly enhances the safety and flexibility of production. The intelligent operation and control mode can save users a great deal of cost. 3. Environmental protection The mobile crusher is equipped with a high-precision dust collection device and dust-falling device. The spray device can greatly reduce dust pollution. When transporting, sieving, and crushing large-scale dry materials, humidification processing can be performed. Equipped with a professional noise reduction device, will not cause noise pollution around, understand the configuration of mobile crusher, production capacity, pricing details, please consult SBM mechanical technicians for free!
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