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Created 2018-04-02
Owner birder2525
Title construction waste crusher process technology
Description But with the development of modern science and technology, detection technology are also constantly upgrading, in the modern coal mining industry, is generally used in electromagnetic induction detection, which is currently, while the construction waste crusher process technology has been enhanced, and belongs to the high-tech category, but there are still some problems. For example, the sensor is transmitted to the computer on the data and graph is not always stable, the magnetic field intensity in different parts of the steel wire rope is not the same, the detection result is not very stable, and sensors are also prone to failure, if there is a problem of the whole detection system will be a problem. Thus it can be seen to continuously upgrade, the steel cored belt scanning imaging the future direction of development is complete and efficient analysis system, and some manufacturers have the technology, it has great significance for the development of domestic opencast construction waste crusher conveyor industry.
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