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Created 2018-03-31
Owner kmei4545
Title construction waste crusher bring new business
Description In September this year, the State Council in action plan for prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, requirements will be the coal washing rate increase again. Prior to that, energy development 1025 planning in the expression is to 2015, coal washing rate reached more than 65%. According to understand, at present our country coal washing rate of only 56.2%. That is to say, in the next 5 years, China's coal into the washing rate will rise substantially. The coal washing rate increase is no doubt the Construction Waste Crusher to bring new business opportunities and the development of industry. Coal washing can achieve the clean use of coal, saving capacity, but for washing after the waste, such as coal gangue, coal slime, sewage, also need to be properly handled, otherwise the pollution that they generate is enormous. National requirements to improve the rate of raw coal into the wash, its aim is to achieve the clean use of coal, improve the comprehensive utilization value of coal. Model vibration sieving machine is the classification process of coal washing, removing impurity solver can effectively remove impurities such as coal gangue, clay. Increasing the effective crusher selected response rate, state policies to improve the utilization of coal, the pollution of the environment to a minimum.
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