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Created 2018-03-13
Owner xuanxuan251
Title The function and working principle of Raymond Mill blower
Description The raymond mill includes crushing equipment, conveying equipment, blower equipment, separation and collection equipment, etc. The blower plays an important role in the whole equipment, and it plays a role in regulating the air pressure, conveying, and flowing airflow in the entire closed circuit circulation system. Because the process of screening, transporting, and collecting the materials after the grinding of the host machine is needed during the processing, the final product can be obtained. Therefore, how to realize the entire operation process and make the products to be generated smoothly is particularly important. The use of a blower has solved this problem. The working principle of the blower is understood as follows. The entire equipment needs to circulate in a closed system. Through the connection between the blower and the host, the wind is blown into the host by the blower. The gas flows up the animal feed through the analyzer to separate the material. If the powder does not meet the specifications, it falls into the grinding chamber again. Processing. The powder that meets the specifications is collected by the collector through the air flow. At the same time, through the return air pipe at the upper end of the collector, the air flow is returned to the air inlet of the air blower to form the entire closed air circulation system. The excess air flow passes through the overflow pipe at the air inlet of the blower and is discharged after dust removal. The emergence of Raymond pulverizer drives the rapid development of the entire milling industry. If the user can understand the function and the principle of each component in the equipment, it is beneficial to the operation and maintenance of the equipment in the actual process. Users who are interested in the equipment can consult our company in detail. SBM focuses on providing a more practical, reliable, and high quality service to users.
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