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Created 2018-03-14
Owner birder2525
Title The working characteristics of ore milling equipment
Description ore milling equipment is a large thermal power plant to improve the efficiency of coal an important means, so the role of ore milling equipment for the general power plant is very important. ore milling equipment parts high and low speed, put the mill into three different types, of which a bowl of medium speed pulverizer a new medium-speed ore milling equipment. Bowl mill speed is generally 40 ~ 300r / min or so, and the compact structure of the smaller area, the operation of the more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, is currently used in the thermal power plant one of the most widely used. The bowl-type pulverizer is an important equipment in the coal-fired units of a thermal power plant. The safety and stability of the operation are directly related to the overall work of the whole thermal power unit. Therefore, the bowl-type pulverizer must be tested before use , Which will be verified during the load test run, the thermal power plant ore milling equipment to achieve 'trial delivery of the tile' quality. Bowl-type mill of the 'trial delivery of the tile' refers to the bowl-type pulverizer stainless steel bearing in more than 60 ℃ high temperature work to maintain a stable state, not because of the bearing temperature and the export of high temperature lubricating oil temperature Resulting in increased vibration at the bearing seat and then melt, there bowl-type ore milling equipment operation in the 'tile' phenomenon. Only the bowl-type ore milling equipment 'trial delivery of the tile', in order to make the entire fire power unit safe operation HP-type bowl mill compared to other milling equipment, more cost-effective. Under normal circumstances, because the machine day and night during the operation of the loss is very large, so the replacement parts, downtime inspection is the late operation of the machine through the glass and HP-type bowl mill grinding parts life than other grinding equipment Long, and the reliability of the operation is higher, if the case of downtime replacement, downtime inspection time is short and easy parts replacement. In addition, the bowl-type ore milling equipment in the course of work, the fine grinding of coal powder is also related to the quality of power plant combustion. After the bowl-type medium-speed mill has completed the grinding and grinding work, the pulverized coal is blown into the boiler by heat, and then the hot flue gas formed by the coal combustion after the boiler is fully combusted will be exothermic along the boiler flow. Coal ash separation. The grinding efficiency and fineness of the bowl-type medium speed pulverizer is a good guarantee, then it is easier, the coal is boiled in the boiler, but also can improve the utilization of pulverized coal and reduce the possibility of environmental pollution.
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