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Created 2018-03-12
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Title installation and maintenance attention points of ultrafine mill

The fine grinding and high fineness and high quality of the ultrafine mill are attractive points for the manufacturers. Moreover, the energy saving and emission reduction environmental protection devices are fully in line with the production mode of our green economy, and are the equipment for the future ultrafine powder industry.

If the ultrafine mill performance is good, if it fails in installation, it may affect the performance of the machine. If it is serious, it will also damage the fine grinding equipment and produce some economic losses. So the installation of ultra-fine grinding is very important, the general ultrafine mill manufacturers will send relevant technical personnel to the site for installation guidance.

Generally, the lower end of the ultra-fine grinding outlet is connected with the closed air blower. Usually, if it is directly discharged, the upper and the lower two closed air fans are used. On the one hand, the dust collector is not leaked by air and powder, on the one hand, it is controlled by discharging port to facilitate discharging.

Generally speaking, what is the height of the feeding port of the packer? If it is not much higher than the outlet, remove a closed air can connect. If not, it can remove two air blower, and directly connect the discharge port to the feeding port of the packer. If some users are to separate the production workshop from the packing workshop, it is necessary to connect the screw conveyor at the discharge port, transport the finished products to the packing workshop, and connect the packing machine.

Before the use of ultrafine mill, we should pay attention to its installation and trial run, which are two important steps. The same mill equipment will get different time and efficiency under different installation.

When the ultrafine mill is installed, we must first request the foundation. The equipment is very demanding for the foundation. Because the vibration is large, it must also have a very high foundation. What are its requirements in the foundation area?

Ultrafine mill must be installed in a horizontal plane, can not have any any tilt, there are also some users do not pay attention in this regard, the results make it when in use, but also prone to many problems, there are a lot of users in the use of this equipment, some parts are easy to wear, in fact it is not very good because of the installation of ground level.

The foundation rigidity of the ultrafine mill machine is the ground surface of the concrete. It cannot be installed on the stone or the ground. It must also tighten the anchor bolts, so it can't appear any loosening. If there is any loosening, it must be tightened in a timely manner.

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