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Created 2018-03-09
Owner sbmcrusher
Title Construction Waste Crusher is the New Production to Elevate the Output
Description There are many kinds of construction waste crusher; different dust collector has different application scope. It also can be designed according to the specific requirement of the customer. The common construction waste crusher can be divided into cyclone separator machine, three separate powder machine, centrifugal separator machine, coal mill separator machine, and calcium powder separator machine. They are the new product that on the basis of the original machine. Three separate power machines have broken the traditional separator principle. It divided the crushing process into coarse crush, medium crush and fine crush. The system configuration of this product is simple, the cost is low. This method can greatly improve the output of the grinding machine. The inner structure is reasonable and the grinding effect is remarkable. construction waste crusher is the first choice to improve the production quality after the implementation of the new standard of the cement. Through the adjustable-speed motor and the secondary deceleration strip, the Dust collector will grade the powder. The speed of the blade can be adjusted according to the size of the finished production. If you want the finer granularity, you should accelerate the rotation speed to increase the contact area between the blade and powder. Then the production that cannot meet the fineness demand will be broken away from the airflow. Because of the effect of gravity, the coarse powder will fall into the grinding room for the further grinding. The qualified powder will enters into the collector with the airflow. After its separation, the powder will be collected. The performance characteristics about the dust collector: 1. It is belongs to the static extension equipment and has no movement parts. The reliable performance is good for the rotation of the roller squeezer and the improvement of the system output. 2. The structure is simple and the serve life is long. 3. The blowing rate is small and the pressure loss is little. 4. The fineness of the finished production can be adjusted according to the air speed which is very convenient. 5. This machine has the construction waste crusher function.
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