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Created 2018-02-06
Owner xuanxuan251
Title Adjustment method of discharge mouth of SBM jaw crusher
Description SBM jaw crusher discharge mouth adjustment method: 1) gasket adjustment. Place a set of shims of equal thickness between the backboard support and the back wall of the rack. By increasing or decreasing the number of shim layers, the discharge port of the gold ore crusher is reduced or increased. This method can be adjusted in multiple levels, the machine structure is more compact, you can reduce the weight of the device, but must be adjusted to stop. Large jaw crusher use this method of adjustment. 2) wedge adjustment. By means of the relative movement of the two wedges between the rear thrust plate bearing and the rear wall of the frame, the adjustment of the discharge port of the crusher can be realized. Turn the nut on the bolt so that the adjusting wedge moves up or down along the rear wall of the frame to drive the front wedge to move forward or backward so as to push the thrust plate or move the jaw to reach the discharge mouth The purpose of adjustment. This method can be infinitely adjusted, easy to adjust, save time, without parking adjustment, but increased the size and weight of the machine. Medium and small jaw crusher equipment often use this adjustment. 3) jaw crusher hydraulic safety device, both reliable and easy to troubleshoot. The crusher connecting rod is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder and a piston, the cylinder is connected with the upper part of the connecting rod, and the piston is connected with the thrust plate support. Normal working hours, the cylinder filled with pressure oil, piston and cylinder equivalent to an integral connecting rod. When the crushing chamber into the non-broken objects, the connecting rod force rapidly increases, the hydraulic cylinder pressure suddenly increased, open the flow valve, the pressure oil is squeezed out, the piston and the cylinder release. At this moment, the connecting rod cylinder still moves up and down along with the rotation of the eccentric shaft, but the connecting rod piston does not move, so the thrust plate and the moving jaw do not swing, and play the role of a safety device. With the continuous development of hydraulic technology, this crusher will be widely used. It is noteworthy that the use of bolts on the connecting rod or flywheel pin (key), as a jaw crusher insurance is not appropriate.
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