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Created 2018-01-22
Owner yoyocrusher
Title Service Life of Crushing Plate

Ultrafine Mill has been widely used in various sectors for many decades, such as mine, metallurgy, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry. As a professional crushing machine manufacturer, Zenith Machinery has been continuously researching and developing crusher in order to prolong its service life and make it better used by customers.

When crushing machine is working, the rate of wear in upper and lower part of crushing plate is different, namely the rate of wear in lower part is quicker than that of lower part. Crushing plate bears huge breakage force and rubbing with materials because it touches the materials directly. The working efficiency and production cost have direct relationship with the service life of crushing plate. Consequently, prolonging the service life of crushing plate is particularly important.

Jaw crusher, made up of movable jaw and fixed jaw, bears huge breakage force and rubbing with materials. Wear-resistant liner plate, also called crushing plate, is generally installed on the surface of movable jaw and fixed jaw to protect jaw plate. Breakage force is so huge as a result of the direct interaction between crushing plate and materials. Especially when crushing the materials with higher hardness, the crushing plate wear is more serious and crusher produces extremely loud noise on account of the bolt vibration and nut loosening. What's worse, it will affect the normal production because the machine stops due to the crushing plate ecclasis or wreckage. Confronted with this condition, you cannot solve problems completely only by tightening bolt or nut. What you need to do is analyzing the practical conditions on the spot.

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